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APP-9 S-3: "Get the best test tool license terms"

About APP-9 S-3

This is a test tool service that provides the best MBC performance test tool solution in serious long-term software development projects that require continuous performance evaluation, and thus long-term access to a capable performance test tool.

Why is this important?

Access to a capable performance measurement tool is a must in every QA process of system performance requirements.

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What are the objectives?

The objectives of APP-9 S-3 are to provide the most cost-effective solution when the performance test tools will be frequently used during a long period of time.

If project start time is critical and a license purchase approval takes too long time you can always start with our Test Tool Rental Service.

Later when license purchase is approved our Rental-to-License Transition Service can be used.

Here we discuss the following frequently asked questions:

Why is a Test Tool License an alternative?

Performance test tools should be regarded as an integral part of a product's development environment throughout its entire life-cycle from design and development through many years of maintenance and improvements.

Our Test Tool Licensing terms are therefore designed to offer the most cost-effective long-term solution in combination with a high quality product with best possible support.

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What is included?"

A standard Test Tool License includes:

  • Any MBC performance test tool configuration.

  • Test tool product installation.

  • Usage of the Test tool product according to the agreement.

  • Initial Test Tool Training for five participants per test system.

  • A Gold support package during twelve months.

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What happens with support after twelve months?

After twelve months you may add a Test Tool Support Service agreement to the License.

The Test Tool Support Service agreement will be made to fit your situation.

Our Test Tool Support Service has two levels:

  1. Gold support.

  2. Silver support.

A Test Tool Support Service agreement is mandatory if your test tool system includes deliveries by Test tool customization services.

This also applies to Early Delivery services currently not for public delivery.

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Can a Test Tool License agreement be changed?

A Test Tool Licensing agreement is possible to renegotiate at any point in time, as regards:

  • Number of performance test tool systems.

  • The test tool system size.

  • Performance test tool components, such as application protocols or measurement probes.

  • Other functions.

A Test Tool Licensing agreement can also be expanded with:

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Are there any discounts?

Yes, different discounts apply depending on the following components in a Test Tool Licensing agreement:

  • The number of test tool systems.

  • The configured capacity of a test tool system.

  • The number of performance test tool components, such as application protocols, measurement probes, or other functions.

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