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We are focused on system performance

Our four focuses on system performance

Our focus on system performance covers a broad range of activities from work on international standards for system performance measurements to in-house developed performance measurement tools:

  1. Our work on standards.

  2. Our work on methods.

  3. Our experience.

  4. Our work on test tools.

SWP PIC 02 Our work on standards

Development of methods and metrics for measuring software performance has long suffered from no commonly accepted definitions. If we can’t agree on what shall be counted as system performance or agree on a single vocabulary to express it there will be no possibilities to understand performance measurements and compare performance of products.

In 2007 we started to argue for a much needed standard for system performance. The starting point was to establish a standard terminology for system performance and concepts in performance testing.

In 2011 our proposed standard for terminology and concepts in performance testing was approved by ETSI as Report TR 101 577.

In 2013 our proposed standard for terminology and concepts in performance testing was approved by ITU-T as Recommendation Q.3930.

SWP PIC 04 Our work on methods

Our work on methods develops hand in hand with the work on standards.

Our work on system test methods is based on QA assignments in manufacturing, national defence, finance, software industry, and telecom organizations.

Our system test methods cover numerous types of measurements of powerfulness, reliability, and efficiency characteristics on mission critical systems.

The methods are constantly adapted to new system development methods such as agile development and continuous deliveries.

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SWP PIC 03 Our experience

Our competence comes from over 25 years of experience from advanced consulting work on QA and system performance.

Our QA assignments cover customers in manufacturing, national defence, national tax board, health care, finance, stock trading, software industry, and telecom organizations.

Our QA assignments cover roles as test manager, test architect, test strategist, project manager, test tool designer, and many more.

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SWP PIC 05 Our work on performance test tools

We provide advanced in-house developed performance test tools since 1996.

Our performance test tools are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

They have been used in a broad range of performance critical applications from stock exchanges to telecom products at telecom vendors and telecom operators.

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An early example of IMS performance testing for Service Providers: MBC on IBM BladeCenter systems