APP 10: "Make an MBC performance test tool adaptation"

About APP 10

FIG B 14 v68 APP 10 Make an adaptation

Figure B-14: APP 10 "Make an MBC performance test tool adaptation".

Performance test tools require, in many cases, some kind of adaptations before they can be used in a QA process.
We have a long history of solving our customers additional requirements on performance test tools to ensure Quality Assurance of top quality products.

Each Advanced Performance Package (APP) contains a carefully selected set of services to meet a well defined target.

In APP 10: "Make an MBC performance test tool adaptation" the target is to ensure "The MBC test tool will provide cost-effective solutions to your additional requirements for QA of your winning products with high performance!"

It is therefore highly recommended to check what APP 10 can provide in your case.

What are the objectives?

The objectives of APP 10 services are to provide cost-effective solutions to additional requirements on the MBC performance test tool.

What services are included in APP 10?

APP 10 has currently two types of adaptation services:

Service 1: "Customize your MBC Test tool"

With Service 1 we provide smooth and cost efficient adaptations of proprietary solutions, such as protocols, on our performance test tool MBC.

Read more about "Customize your MBC Test tool".

Service 2: "Early delivery of new standardized functions"

With Service 2 we provide early deliveries of new standard protocols, or new versions of standard protocols to customers in urgent need.

Read more about "Early delivery of new standardized functions".

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