The importance of system performance

Why spend time and money on system performance?

Performance is the most visible asset of a product or a service, since it's experienced in every interaction!

In the connected world products are therefore judged by their performance!

Does your product requirements cover the whole picture?

Only functional requirements or performance requirements too?

A product's image and competitiveness is based on two equally important sets of requirements: functionality and performance. Or should be ....

Unfortunately, system performance is too often an overlooked issue or at the best a low priority issue in development of IT systems.

This is sad, but for those who take advantage of this and invest in system performance, great opportunities open up for the products to come out as winners, which in turn leads to:

  • New customer segments.

  • Increased revenues.

  • Better profit margins.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Longer life-cycles for products.

A system's performance requirements are therefore not only a technical matter. It is also a business decision that requires the management's attention!

We will help make your IT system a real winner!

Learn more about us, system performance, and how we can help you achieve top performance in your products under the following six headlines:

1. Our name is no coincidence!

Our work on system performance spans 25 years of work on system performance standards, system performance test methods, performance test tool design and development, system design for high performance, and a long series of advanced consulting assignments.

Learn more about us.

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2. How can we make your IT system a winner?

We are convinced that excellent system performance is a winning concept for your software products or services too.

To prove it we would like to invite you to a free meeting to discuss your possibilities!

Contact us for a free meeting.

Or learn more about how we can make your IT systems a winner before a contact.

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3. System Performance is about more than you think!

Do you want to learn more about system performance? Here is a good starting point!

System Performance is about more than you think!

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4. Performance as a challenge

What difference does better performance make? It makes a stunning difference!

The need for improved or excellent performance is in most product development projects the driving factor. Consequently performance measurements to obtain and verify performance targets are crucial activities.

On the following page we will present some examples where the requirements on system performance are the real challenge.

Read more ...

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5. Performance is no problem ...

This type of comments in a project with no performance activities or even worse no performance requirements should be taken as a warning, not as a relief.

Are you prepared to argue about the need for focus on system performance and performance testing in such situations?

Here is where you get some unquestionable arguments.

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6. Our performance test tool solutions

Performance test tools are a very critical part of getting high performance requirements under control and resolved.

Good performance test tools must deliver excellent solutions to a large number of performance test requirements to offer efficient development support.

Learn more about requirements on performance test tools and our solutions.

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