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APP-12 S-1: "Select a Gold support package"

About APP-12 S-1

APP-12 S-1 is our most comprehensive support package agreement.

Why is this important?

Access to a capable performance measurement tool is a must in every QA process of system performance requirements. Access to the test tool is, however, not enough. Equally important is access to a competent and fast support service.

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"What are the objectives?"

The objectives of APP-12 S-1 are to assists customers in the use of MBC systems with minimum time delay to obtain maximum value. This is especially the case for beginners.

"MBC Gold support user categories"

MBC Gold support is primarily intended for customers in the following situations:

  1. New users of MBC.

  2. Working in an intensive development project and in the need of quick support on MBC issues.

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The "MBC Gold support package" is included in:

  • Rented MBC systems.

  • Licensed MBC systems during the first year.

The "MBC Gold support package" is mandatory for all MBC systems with Customization products or Early Delivery products.

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What is a "MBC Gold Support package"?

The "MBC Gold support package" has two parts.

  1. MBC User support

  2. MBC Product support

MBC User support

A Gold support package includes:

  • MBC Call Desk User Support.

  • MBC WEB Desk User Support.

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MBC Product support

A Gold support package includes:

  • MBC Software Releases.

  • MBC Product Documentation.

  • MBC WEB Desk Product Support.

  • MBC Hardware Support.

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