PSP-3: " Winning strategies for high performance"

About PSP-3


Figure B-7: PSP-3 "Winning strategies for high performance".

Each Advanced Performance Package (APP) contains a carefully selected set of services to meet a well defined target.

In PSP-3: " Winning strategies for high performance" the target is to establish "The best strategies for better Customer Values with high system performance"

Nobody becomes an expert by attending a training class. Practice is required to fully understand the topics presented and thus initially reach a level of applicable knowledges and later an expert level. Coaching eliminates time needed to independently attain applicable knowledges in the topics presented.

It is therefore highly recommended to select all services in the package PSP-3.

What are the objectives?

The objectives of PSP-3 services are to establish the winning strategies for high performance systems, and get them applied on your products or services.

In PSP-3 we explore the impact on your business and company profile by winning strategies for high system performance in your products or services.

After PSP-3 your project is prepared to proceed to performance requirements in the Planning phase.

What services are included in PSP-3?

PSP-3 has currently two performance services:

Performance Service 6: "Understand strategies for high performance"

This is a training class in how strategies for high performance systems work and affect your company's image and business.

Learb more about PS-6: "Understand strategies for high performance".

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Performance Service 7: "Create winning strategies for high performance".

A performance vision has to be accompanied by strategies for what shall be achieved with a performance vision.

The winning strategies include the impact on company profile, competitive advantages, new markets opportunities, improved sales, improved profit levels etc.

Learb more about PS-7: "Create winning strategies for high performance".

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