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APP-10 S-1: "Customize your MBC Test Tool"

About APP-10 S-1

This is a test tool service that provides the most cost-effective solution for proprietary protocols and other customer-specific solutions on the MBC performance test tool.

Why is this important?

Access to a capable performance measurement tool is a must in every QA process of system performance requirements.

Adding the possibility to test a company's proprietary solution on a commercial performance test tool is, however, in most cases a request that will be rejected. The question is then what to do? One way is to develop your own performance test tool, another is to use our service APP-10 S-1: "Customize your MBC Test Tool".

Do you want information about our performance test tool MBC?

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What are the objectives?

The objectives are to provide a cost-effective solution for proprietary protocols and other customer-specific solutions on the MBC performance test tool platform.

Here we discuss the following frequently asked questions:

Why is the Test Tool Customization services the best alternative?

Before you start development of your own test tools you should consider the following:

Development of a performance test tool is a complex system development project in itself.

It is easy to underestimate what it takes to develop your own tools for performance testing of a proprietary solution, such as:

  • expertise.

  • experience.

  • manpower.

  • time.

  • money.

There are better solutions.

MBC, our performance test tool, is designed as a framework with a flexible structure that enables expansion with new protocols or other functions as requested.

Our service APP-10 S-1: "Customize your MBC Test Tool" will therefore be able to offer a complete working solution that is the most cost-effective solution.

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What can be provided by the service?

We can add proprietary application protocols, proprietary measurement probes and most likely any other function required to meet your needs.

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Can the services be applied on rented systems?

Yes, it can and the service APP-9 S-2: Rental-to-License Transition still applies too, so you may still convert a rental agreement into a license agreement at any point in time.

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How do we pay for a "Customize your MBC Test Tool" project?

We normally charge you for a Test tool customization service as a fixed cost consulting project.

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How is a "Customize your MBC Test Tool" delivery maintained?

A "Customize your MBC Test Tool" service delivery includes a 90 day warranty. Following the warranty period a mandatory monthly Gold support package fee will be added to your test tool agreement.

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Is this an attractive solution in your performance test tool decision?

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