FIG B 47 v62 APP 10 S2 Early delivery of new std

APP-10 S2: "Early delivery of new standardized functions"

About APP-10 S-2

APP-10 S2 is an MBC performance test tool service that provides solutions when the MBC performance test tool seems to be a perfect fit for a planned performance test project, but a new standardized function or a new version thereof is missing.

Why is this important?

Access to a capable performance measurement tool is a must in every QA process of system performance requirements.

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What are the objectives?

The objectives are to provide expedited services when

Here we discuss the following frequently asked questions:

What is covered by by the service?

An "Early delivery of new standardized functions" covers any standard protocol, standard measurement probe, or other standard function currently not in our product.

If the missing standard function is not regarded as of general interest we can still support your request, but then as a case of our service APP-10 S-1: "Customize your MBC Test Tool"

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Can customers with rented test tools ask for the service?

Yes, you can and the service APP-9 S-2: Rental-to-License Transition still applies too, so you may still convert a rental agreement into a license agreement at any point in time.

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How do we pay for the service?

We normally charge for an "Early delivery of new standard functions" project as a fixed cost consulting project. The project cost will cover:

  • A temporary License or Rental fee.

  • A temporary Gold support package fee.

  • An early product delivery fee.

When the feature gets included in our standard product list it will be assigned a product number with a rental fee, a license fee, and a license support fee.

From the date the feature is available in the standard product list the following will happen to an "Early delivery of new standardized functions":

For Test Tool Rental agreements:

  • The temporary support package fee will be replaced by the list price Gold support package fee.

  • The temporary product rental fee will be replaced by the list price product rental fee.

  • The change to list price fees may have an impact on the monthly rental fees.

For Test Tool License agreements:

  • The mandatory Gold support package fee will be replaced by an optional support fee.

  • The temporary product license fee will be replaced by the list price product license fee.

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