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FIG B 01 v71 100 APS 01 Advanced Performance Services

Figure B-1: "What shaped our Performance Services"

Our unique combination of experience, skills, and products has been used to provide a complete set of Performance Services.

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Seven Categories of Advanced Performance Services


Figure B-2: "Seven Categories of Performance Services "

We have seven categories of Performance Services to provide a complete range of performance support to your organization.

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Performance Services


Figure B-3: "Thirty Performance Services from product ideas to product maintenance"

Thirty Performance Services cover together every aspect of how to ensure high system performance from idea phase to product maintenance.

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Performance Service Packages (PSPs)

To simplify your choice of Performance Services we have grouped them into 13 Performance Service Packages (PSP-1 - PSP-13).

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Customized Performance Packages (CPPs)

Our Advanced Performance Services can also be selected individually to build a Customized Performance Package (CPP) of your choice.

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