MBC MegaScale Platform and IMS AKA

IP address capacity (MegaIP)

The MBC MegaScale Platform is a combination of enhancements to the GNU / Linux operating system and MBC software, that improves speed of operation and removes several capacity and resource limits, to enable large scale performance tests of AKA secured sessions.

MBC can simulate millions of concurrently active subscribers, where each subscriber has an AKA session with unique IP address and a full set of IPsec channels and related Security Associations.

MBC MegaScale Platform
Figure F-32: An MBC Traffic Server for AKA performance tests.

The MegaScale Platform provides individual IP addresses to 1 000 000 concurrently simulated UEs.
Each simulated UE is assigned a new IP address at each Initial Registration request, i.e. at the beginning of a new AKA session.

Channel capacity (MegaSEC)

The MegaScale Platform provides IPsec services to 1 000 000 concurrently registered subscribers.

This corresponds to 2 000 000 IPsec channels and 4 000 000 concurrently allocated Security Associations.

Security performance (MegaSEC)

The MegaScale Platform provides improved IPsec performance by fast handling of Security Associations and related keys.

Security management capacity (MegaSEC)

The MegaScale Platform provides fast management of Security Associations. The facility enables thousands of SA database actions per second.