MBC Test automation solutions

Test automation targets

Performance tests require complete control of the tested system, i.e. no other concurrent test activities, such as function testing or other performance measurements.

The ideal solution is of course to have separate test systems for performance testing, but in reality this is far from always the case.

When there are no separate systems for performance tests will the test system(s) soon become a time critical resource in Quality Assurance.

This means that performance tests will have to run during non-office hours to avoid collisions with other QA activities.

To enable this our performance test automation solutions provide:

  1. Scheduled performance tests.

  2. Scheduled explorative performance tests.

  3. Automated handling of probes.

  4. Automated handling of user defined probes.

1. Scheduled Performance tests

MBC provides functionality to schedule performance tests.

Scheduled performance tests on MBC:

  • Will start and execute fully autonomously during working hours, nights, weekends, or during public holidays.

  • Can be scheduled up to a week in advance.

  • Need no manual actions other than scheduling when a test shall be executed.

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2. Scheduled explorative performance tests

Explorative performance tests are measurements, with the purpose to find out a system's characteristics under stated conditions with no targets set.

An example could be to measure the throughput capacity of a service at 80% CPU load.

Explorative performance tests usually require manual monitoring and actions and can consequently not be sceduled.

On MBC explorative performance tests using Adaptive Load Control can be scheduled, started, executed, and finished without manual intervention.

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3. Automated handling of probes

Probes are required to capture internal performance data on the tested system.

Full collection of internal performance data on the tested system must be supported.

All probe handling actions are a fully automated part of all performance test jobs, scheduled as well as manually started.

Probe handling solutions on MBC include:

  • Automated download and start of all configured probes on the tested system.

  • Automated reporting of captured measurement data.

  • Automated download and restart of probes on the tested system if:

    • Configured probes stop reporting collected measurement data during a test.

    • The tested system is partially or fully restarted during a test (can be a deliberate restart in the test scenario).

  • Automated stop and removal of all configured probes on the tested system after a performance test is finished or aborted.

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4. Automated handling of user defined probes

Probes can also be designed by MBC users. This is an important feature for collecting internal performance data from an application.

User defined probes are configured and automatically managed the same way as the standard probes of MBC.

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How does MBC's test automation improve your performance test activities?

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