MBC Flexibility solutions

Flexibility targets

Performance test cases contain many configuration elements that can be hard to manage and maintain over time.

With flexebility solutions we mean solutions where:

Test cases that can be reused

With test cases that can be reused we mean that test cases can be applied on differently sized systems with no changes.

If a test case shall be executed on three systems with quite different amount of physical resources it implies that the test case shall be changed to apply three different load levels.

Adaptive load on differently sizes systems

Figure F-11: A test case used on three differently sized systems without any changes

With MBC's Adaptive Load Control there is no need to modify the test case to achieve the demanded test conditions on the three tested systems. MBC will automatically adapt the generated load level to the demanded test conditions on each one of the three systems.

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Test cases that can be extended

With test cases that can be extended we mean that test cases can be applied on different types of performance measurements.

Adaptive load on stability tests

Figure F-12: A test case designed for capacity measurements extended to work for stability and availability measurements

A test case that is designed for capacity measurements can be extended to stability and availability measurements by a simple change of test time.

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Improved visibility of reliability problems

Adaptive load on stability w trend drop

Figure F-13: A stability measurement with two types of problems

The figure above shows two types of situations during a stability measurement when capacity is reduced.

  1. A capacity dip on the tested system caused by a system activity using CPU resources. MBC adjusts the load continuously to keep the tested system at a constant 80% CPU load. MBC will resume the earlier load level when the system activity has finished.

  2. A decreasing trend in processing capacity, most likely caused by a problem in the tested application gradually using more CPU resources.

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