MBC Extreme load condition solutions

Extreme load condition targets

To enable some extreme load conditions MBC provides the following solutions:

  1. Extreme peak loads.

  2. Constant load continuously.

1. Extreme peak loads

Separation of transaction rates and number of simulated users enables extreme peak loads on MBC.

On MBC transaction rates are not related to number of concurrently active simulated users. Number of configured users are separately defined for a Traffic Handler.

Transaction rates are scripted and change independently of number of configured users. This makes it possible to increase the traffic rate from a low value to a peak value in a fraction of a millisecond or decrease the traffic rate equally fast.

Peak load requested 2

Figure F-18: A load scenario requested instant change of load between 50 and 850 scenarios per sec.

Peak load generated 2

Figure F-19: And the generated load.

This solution enables extreme robustness or stress tests of a system.

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2. Constant load continuously

Continuously constant load during very loang periods of time requires extremely accurate timing.

Really tough stability or availability tests may run for many days or even weeks. This requires a load generator with extremely precise timing of each generated service request.

The generation of load must not have any to trend to increase or decrease the load over time. The very simple reason is that if an increasing or decreasing trend in processed servivce requests is detected you must be sure that it is a trend in the test object and not a trend in the test tool! If a load generator has a trend to increase or decrease a static load over time it can not be used for stability or availability mesurements.

Constant load 1

Figure F-20: A load scenario with constant load during 9 days.

The figure above shows the deviation from requested fixed load of 1000 transactions/sec. during a period of constant load for 9 days. As you can see there is no deviation at all.

Constant load 2

Figure F-21: The processed transaction rate in the same performance test.

In the connected world reliability characteristics are getting more and more important, i.e. no variations in response time for the same service no rejected service requests.

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