Save time and money with our new IMS AKA Complete Training Package

We are IMS AKA experts since 2009

Softwell Performance published the articles about IMS AKA on our home pages in spring 2009 along with our performance test tool adaptation of IMS AKA.
Since then the articles have been found on the first page of most search engines.

Over the years thousands of visitors from all over the world have visited and still keep visiting the pages.
We are proud of being of help to all our visitors.

IMS AKA security is complex

We also know it takes time to fully understand IMS AKA and in the world of telecoms time is costly. This service is a complete training package in IMS AKA.

Announcing our IMS AKA Complete Training Package

For our visitors who just want to understand how IMS AKA works we now announce the IMS AKA Complete Training Package.

The package contains all you need to get an in-depth understanding of how IMS AKA works:

  • One day training class in IMS AKA for up to five participants.

  • 24 hours of consultations and support regarding IMS AKA.

  • Documentation of IMS AKA.


Contact us today to get all details!