MBC Complex test scenario solutions

Complex test scenario targets

Test scenarios can be very complex and a performance test tool must be capable of supporting requested complexity.

Our solutions to complex test scenarios will discuss the following cases:

  1. Performance tests of secure access to IMS systems (AKA).

  2. Improved simulation scenarios.

1. Performance tests of secure access to IMS systems (AKA)

AKA is the 3GPP's standard for secure access to IMS systems.

This was our first topic on test tool solutions to complex scenarios and has been a well visited pages for over eleven years.

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2. Improved simulation scenarios

Traffic mixes are a common way to simulate real traffic. A traffic mix is a set of applied service scenarios where each scenario has a specified share of the total load based on traffic statistics.

The frequency of each type of requested service scenarios in a traffic mix is, however, static during the entire time of running the test case. This bear no resemblance of real traffic where the mix of requested service scenarios varies all the time.

MBC provides a solution where the service scenarios are randomly selected according to a probability value based on their measured statistical share.

This solution provides a traffic mix that varies all the time. At each point in time the traffic mix will deviate from the statistical distribution, but over time the share of each type of requested service will get closer and closer to the statistical distribution.

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What is the impact of these solutions in your performance test work?

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