MBC Training: Basic Concepts

MBC Basic Concepts is our introductory training in using MBC.


Training in MBC Basic Concepts is included for up to five participants with every MBC system delivery.

Training in MBC Basic Concepts should also be held at regular intervals as a scheduled training for new users at an existing customer site.

Expected participants

New users of MBC and other parties not using MBC but interested in the possibilities.


There are no prerequisites to attend a MBC Basic Operations class.


MBC Basic Concepts is two full-day classes.

MBC Basic Concepts can also be held as four half-day classes to fit in with other activities.

Covered topics

The MBC Basic Operations class covers.

  1. Performance testing theory:

    • Basic performance measurement concepts.

    • Basic performance measurement terminology.

    • Basic performance measurement categories.

    • Basic performance measurement requirements.

    • Introduction to performance measurement test cases.

  2. Basic MBC orientation.

    • How to navigate in the GUI.

    • MBC Test Case components.

    • MBC Test Case operations.

    • Viewing completed Test Cases.

    • MBC GUI configurations.

  3. Introduction to MBC test case traffic components.

    • Traffic Set.

    • Traffic Set Components.

    • Traffic Handlers.

    • Traffic Handler Components.

    • Traffic Handler configurations.

  4. Introduction to MBC test case measurement components.

    • Measurement Set.

    • Measured Servers.

    • Configuration of probes.

  5. MBC test cases components and how they correspond to performance measurement requirements.

  6. Performance Test planning and execution with MBC.

  7. Performance Test analysis and reporting with MBC.

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