FIG B 48 v61 APP 11 S1 Select MBC training

APP-11 S-1: "Select MBC test tool training"

About APP-11 S-1

APP-11 S-1 is a training service in the use of MBC performance test system.

Why is this important?

Only with correctly working performance test cases will performance measurements produce high quality and reliable results that will help improving a tested system. Performance measurements are very complex tests that require not only a proper understanding of the performance test tool to be used. A user must also have a good understanding of performance measurement theory and how to apply the theory in various cases of performance measurements to create correctly working performance test cases. All MBC User Training classes are therefore based on acknowledged performance measurement theories and how they shall be applied on MBC.

Do you want information about our performance test tool MBC?

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"What are the objectives?"

The objectives of APP-11 S-1 are to provide time-saving, efficient, and proven ways to understand and utilize an MBC system by training.

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"Who should attend the training?"

Everybody who will be involved in the use of MBC systems are recommended to attended the training.

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"Any prerequisites?"

There are no prerequisites for participants.

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Training class sizes

All MBC training classes are limited to 5 students to ensure efficient learning and a lasting value.

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Training documentation

All MBC training classes include documentation and hand-outs of slide presentations.

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System performance issues are in many cases company confidential information and NBC training is therefore only available as company-reserved training.

The training is normally held at customer's premises, but can also be held at Softwell's premises, if requested.

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"Training costs"

Free MBC training classes in MBC Basic Concepts is included in the following cases:

  • For 5 participants per MBC system, as part of service APP-9 S-1: "Rent a test tool on very favourable terms".

  • For 5 participants per MBC system, as part of service APP-9 S-2: "Rental-to-License Transition".

  • For 5 participants per MBC system, as part of service APP-9 S-3: "Get the best test tool license terms".

Contact us for details.

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"MBC Training"

There are several more MBC training classes that will be presented shortly.

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