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APP-1 S-2: "Speak system performance!"

About APP 1 S 2

APP-1 S-2: "Speak system performance!" is a training in performance terminology and concepts.

The covered topics in APP-1 S-2 are based on established standards for system performance and performance testing approved by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute located in Sophia Antipolis, France) in report TR 101 577 and ITU (International Telecommunication Union a UN Agency located in Geneva, Switzerland) in recommendation ITU-T Q.3930.

"What are the objectives?"

The training is essential to bring a common understanding of system performance to all participants in system performance related issues, i.e. "Speak the same performance language!"

This will enable efficient and focused discussions and decision making regarding all performance issues.

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"Who should attend the training?"

Everybody who will be involved in performance issues are recommended to attended the training.

Remember system performance requirements are business decisions! Management on business level are therefore particularly recommended to attend.

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"Any prerequisites?"

There are no prerequisites for participants.

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The training in APP-1 S-2: "Speak system performance!" takes two days.

The training can also be held as four half-day sessions to fit in with other activities.

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System performance issues are in many cases company confidential information.
The training in APP-1 S-2: "Speak system performance!" is therefore available in two alternatives:

"1. As scheduled training"

Scheduled training is open to participants from any company.

Scheduled training is held at Softwell Performance's premises in Kista, Sweden.

Contact us for our scheduled training.

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"2. As company-reserved training"

Company-reserved training is only open to participants assigned by the customer.

Company-reserved training is only held at customer's premises.

Contact us for details about company-reserved training.

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"Training costs"

Contact us for details.

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What topics are covered?

Here are a few of the covered topics:

  • Terminology for all aspects of performance.

  • Concepts in system performance.

  • Performance requirements.

  • Performance testing and performance measurements.

  • Performance evaluation.

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Do you want to attend the training in APP-1 S-2?

Contact us for details.

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Do you have any questions or suggestions about APP-1 S-2?

Contact us for more information or a discussion.

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