Performance Review Services

What is the "Performance Review Services"?

The service "PSG-D-1: Performance Review" provides review of your efforts on system performance.

Organizations normally have their best competence in their own product area, and are not at the same time performance testing specialists.

The "Performance Review" service brings you a deep understanding of a product's performance requirements and what it takes to produce the necessary measurement results in order to get reliable test results.

With the "Performance Review" your can be confident that all important aspects of your product's performance requirements are reviewed.

What is covered by Performance Review Services?

Depending on the situation a Performance Review project may include one or more of the following tasks:

  • Review of the System Under Test to specify needed performance tests.

  • Review of specified performance requirements.

  • Review of the test plan and test cases.

  • Review of measured performance metrics.

  • Review of the test bed and test bed requirements including: test tools, test environment, and the system under test (SUT).

  • Review of integration of performance test in the test and development project.

  • Review of test automation.

  • Review of evaluation of performance measurement results.

  • Review of the test team and test competence.

What does a Performance Review project deliver?

After a Performance Review we will deliver a report on the reviews done. The report will include a comprehensive list of suggested improvements of the performance testing strategy and results evaluation.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the Performance Review services?

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