Get the Performance Requirements Uncovered

What is the "Get the Performance Requirements Uncovered" about?

The service "PSG-C2: Get the Performance Requirements Uncovered" will set up what is required to implement the performance vision alternatives.

What is covered?

To achieve stated performance requirements a "Get the Performance Requirements Uncovered" project will look at the impact of performance requirements on:

  • Required qualifications of the development team.

  • Application design.

  • Application development.

  • Possible delivery time and risks

  • Test system and test system environment capabilities.

  • Test tool capabilities.

  • Required test cases.

Depending on the performance requirements more tasks may be added.

What is delivered?

A "Get the Performance Requirements Uncovered"project we will deliver a report on the impact on the deveopment project by stated performance requirements.

The report includes a comprehensive list of actions for project management.

A "Get the Performance Requirements Uncovered" project will deliver a faster and more precise result if preceeded by a "Get a Performance Vision" project and a "Get a Performance Strategy" project.

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