MBC Test Tool Rental

Why do we provide this service?

The PSG-E-1: Test Tool Rental service provides the best MBC performance test tool solution in situations, such as:

  • For customers with short-term projects, who don’t want to invest in a test tool license.

  • A quick test project start when there is no time to wait for a license purchase approval.

  • A possibility to evaluate our test tools in real testing including real support without having to invest in a license.

Here we discuss the following frequently asked questions:

What is included in Test Tool Rental?

A Test Tool Rental agreement includes:

  • Any MBC test tool configuration.

  • Test tool product installation.

  • Usage of the test tool product according to the test tool rental agreement.

  • Initial Test Tool Training for five participants.

  • Gold support.

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Is Test Tool Rental not expensive?

It depends on the duration of the rental agreement.

Test Tool Rental is the most cost-effective solution for short-term performance testing .

Rental costs are normally a completely deductible operating cost so you don’t have to tie up money that may be better used elsewhere.

A Test Tool Rental agreement is therefore often an excellent financial solution.

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Can a Test Tool Rental agreement be changed?

Yes, a Test Tool Rental agreement is possible to renegotiate at any point in time, as regards:

  • Length of rental period.

  • Number of test systems.

  • Performance test tool components, such as application protocols, measurement probes, etc.

  • Other services.

A Test Tool Rental agreement can also be expanded with:

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If we don't know how long time we need to rent?

No problem, our Test Tool Rental agreements can be extended at any point in time.

Rental periods can be from one month upwards, and the monthly fee depends on the duration: longer rental periods incur a lower monthly fee.

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Are there any discounts?

Yes, discounts apply in the following cases:

  • The duration of a Test Tool Rental agreement, the longer the more discount.

  • The number of rented test tool systems.

  • The configured capacity of a test tool system.

  • The number of performance test tool components, such as application protocols, measurement probes, or other functions.

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Is test tool rental a solution in your performance test tool situation?

Contact us for more information.