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Case 1: We must do performance testing now, but there is no budget for a license purchase currently. Is there a solution for us?

Test tool investments may be down-prioritized for a number of reasons. The importance of this type of tool is maybe not realized by budget owners, who may believe that performance testing either is not necessary, or need not be undertaken very frequently. Other reasons can be pure financial, such as being unable to afford a license for the time being. It may also happen that approval of any investment is a long bureaucratic process even if the need is accepted to be urgent.

Solution: Our Test Tool Rental service is how we handle your situation.

Softwell Performance offers a Test Tool Rental Service as an alternative to license purchase. The Test Tool Rental agreement will be tailored to the customer's specific needs as regards content and rental period.

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Case 2: What is the most economical test tool solution for a long-term development project that includes performance testing?

A serious longer-term software development project would normally require continuous performance evaluation, and thus long-term access to a capable performance test tool, but costs have to be kept down.

Solution: Our Test Tool Licenses Services is the best long-term choice.

A Test Tool License agreement is in most cases the best economical long term solution, when the test tools will be frequently used during a long period of time. If project start time is critical and a license purchase approval takes too long time you can always start with our Test Tool Rental Service and use our Rental-to-License Transition Service when license purchase is approved.

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Case 3: Can you guarantee the most cost-effective test tool solution irrespective of project length?

The duration of a performance test project may be hard to predict. A test tool solution with monthly fees that initially looks very cost-effective may become much more costly than expected if the project time was grossly under-estimated.

Solution: our Rental-to-License Transition Services will fit changing project lengths.

Our Test Tool Rental Service with an initially competitive monthly fee can be converted to a Test Tool License Service agreement at any point in time. The Rental-to-License Transition Service will therefore help you maintain a cost-effective test tool solution if the project time changes.

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Case 4: Our product uses proprietary protocols. Do we have to write our own test tools?

Almost every customer so far has had unique requirements in some respect, for example proprietary protocols or other specific functionality. Before you start development of your own test tools you should consider the following. Development of performance test tools is a complex system development project in itself, and it is easy to underestimate the expertise, experience, effort, time, and money it takes to develop your own tools for performance testing of a proprietary solution. There are better solutions.

Solution: Our Customization Services will solve your problem.

Our Customization Services could provide you with the most cost-effective solution, as we will be able to offer a complete working solution without having to develop a complete test product from scratch.

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Case 5: Your product looks like the best choice, but there is no support of the standard protocol “xxx_v2”. Can we get the missing part?

A customer is developing a product including a newly standardized protocol. The Softwell Performance tool seems in all other respects to be a well-nigh perfect fit for the planned performance testing, however, as a protocol is missing, the tool cannot be used. But, as every serious performance test tool vendor would have to include also this protocol, it would seem only a matter of time. Can Softwell Performance make a special effort in such a case?

Solution: Our Expedited Development Services will provide you with missing features.

Softwell Performance can deliver any standard function of expected general interest, currently not in our product and not scheduled for delivery in the near future, as an Expedited Development Service.

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Case 6: Can you help us ensure that our test plan covers what is needed in performance testing of our product?

Customers normally have their best competence in their own product area, and are not at the same time performance testing specialists. Examples of some problematic situations:

  • System performance testing is already an on-going activity and the tested system is important to the future of the organization. The management wants to avoid unpleasant surprises. What can be done to eliminate or minimize the risks?

  • Can we get an unbiased review of our test plans?

  • Software development has moved to a new SW delivery method, such as Continuous Integration. Do the current performance testing efforts cover what is required?

  • Can produced performance measurement data be trusted?

  • What kinds of performance metrics have actually been tested?

  • What kind of conclusions can be drawn from the test results?

  • What kind of improvements need to be done on the tested system?

Solution: Our Performance Review Services will help you.

Softwell Performance can help customers ensure that test results are reliable, and that all important aspects of system performance are covered with our Performance Test Review Services.

Our Performance Review Service is a cost-effective solution in these situations. It is an advanced consulting service that will guide you to a complete understanding of your product’s performance issues and what is required to rely on produced performance test results.

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Case 7: We need to build up in-house competence in performance testing. Can you help us?

Most IT organizations have specialists for system design, programming, and function testing. When it comes to performance specialists, however, it is far from unusual that the organization has no resources.

Solution: Our Performance Competence Program will help you.

Our Performance Competence Program provides advanced training and consulting that will help an organization build up competence to get all performance issues under complete control.

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Case 8: We don’t want to tie up personnel in performance testing. Can you help us?

In many organizations performance test projects are regarded as excessively time consuming. Training of performance test people, development of performance test strategies and test plans, development of test cases and test data, running the tests, evaluating the test results, reporting test results, etc. takes time and resources that the customer may not have or could make better use of on other tasks.

Solution: Our Operational Performance Services will help you.

Softwell Performance has consultants with competence and experience to staff all roles in a test project.

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Case 9: Performance testing is a recurring task in our business. Is there a cost-effective solution for us?”

In most cases performance test activities are a recurring business throughout the life cycle of software product, where a performance test project is required at regular intervals, such as before the release of every new version. In such cases you may wish to rent the test tools just during performance test projects and get your test bed and test cases secured between the performance test projects as a service. Depending on your in-house performance test competence you might also want the testing to be done by external performance specialists..

Solution: Our Subscribed Performance Services is how we solve your problem.

Our Subscribed Performance Services offer tailor-made solutions in such situations.

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