Get prepared for the performance challenges

With a performance vision in place the next step is to explore the requirements and set up a performance implementation plan.

The following services will prepare your organization regarding the system performance challenges.

C-1: The performance competence program

When doing the steps in this part of a performance project it is important that all participants in the process have done some performance training.

The fastest way to achieve competence in software performance is attending training classes. Just attending classes is however not sufficient.

That is why the performance competence program includes coaching services and other activities to make you fully prepared.

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C-2: Get the requirements of the performance vision and strategy in place.

A service we provide to set up a strategy and requirements for implementation of your performance visions.

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Get a performance implementation plan in place

This service we provide to set up a system performance implementation plan.

A performance implementation plan has many components and it's easy to miss some important parts.

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