MBC User Support

What is "MBC User Support" about?

The purpose of "PSG-F-2: MBC User Support" is to assists customers in the use of MBC systems to obtain maximum value of an MBC system.

MBC User Support includes:

MBC Call Desk User Support

MBC Call Desk is a dial-in service for all registered MBC users.

It provides assistance on:

  • How to use MBC systems and how to resolve technical issues.

  • Identification of technical problems and how to file a related Trouble Report.

  • Identification of a new issue and how to file a related Change Request.

MBC Call Desk is available on all business days from 08:00 until 20:00 CET on a dedicated phone number.

MBC Call Desk services on other hours can be provided as an extended service.

MBC WEB Desk User Support

MBC WEB Desk is an Internet based service available 24 hours per day for all registered MBC users:

MBC WEB Desk is:

  • The input media for all user reports about the MBC product.

  • The input media for all user questions about MBC.

  • The output for all information about MBC.

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MBC Support packages

MBC User Support is together with MBC Product Support available in two packages:

  1. MBC Gold support package.

  2. MBC Silver support package.

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