Performance Testing Support

What is "Performance Testing Support"?

The "PSG-D-5: Performance Testing Support" service provides consultants with competence and experience to staff all roles in a performance test project.

In many organizations performance test projects are regarded as excessively time consuming. Training of performance test people, development of performance test strategies and test plans, development of test cases and test data, running the tests, evaluating the test results, reporting test results, etc. takes time and resources that the customer may not have or could make better use of on other tasks.

What is covered by Performance Test Support Services?

The "Performance Testing Support" service provides staffing from single consultants to test project teams, or entire test projects (in combination with other of our Performance Services).

The project will be tailored to your needs and make you a confident product owner.

The "Performance Testing Support" service provides experienced senior consultants in roles as:

  • Test managers / Test leaders

  • Test architects

  • Test strategists

  • Test engineers

  • Test tool specialists

  • Test tool developers

More services can be added according to your organization's needs.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the Performance Testing Support services?

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