Performance Test Planning

What is "Performance Test Planning"?

The service "PSG-D-2: Performance Test Planning" creates a detailed plan for executing the performance test cases.

Planning performance tests is a complex task that requires competence and experience. Measurements of different performance characteristics require different amounts of execution time.

If available time is too short this will have an impact on the Quality Assurance work and thus the product quality.

Performance tests must also be planned in correct order with respect to what is the output of each test case and what is required input in other test cases.

What is covered by a Performance Test Planning project?

A Performance Test Planning project will review:

  • What system characteristics are most critical and the conditions to deliver test results.

  • Dependencies between different measurements characteristics, i.e. in what order shall the tests execute.

  • What are the time requirements for the different test cases.

  • What is the available performance test time?

  • Plan spare time for new execution of failed performance measurements.

  • Set up a performance test schedule with alternative test suites depending on available time .

What does a Performance Test Planning project deliver?

A Performance Test Planning project will deliver a complete performance test schedule with alternatives for the most critical system characteristics depending on available test sites and test time.

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