Performance Test Case Design

What is "Performance Test Case Design"?

The "PSG-D-4: Performance Test Case Design" service provides a complete framework for configuration of performance test cases.

Performance test cases are far more complex than function test cases. It is easy to get lost in all configuration details with unreliable test results as a consequence.

With this service you can be quite confident that all aspects of each produced performance test case are covered and will generate reliable performance measurements.

What is covered by a Performance Test Case Design project?

A "Performance Test Case Design" project will instruct and coach design of performance test cases with respect to:

  • Different components of a performance test case.

  • Specifications of load.

  • Specifications of measurement conditions.

  • Specifications of required measurements.

  • Selection of relevant test scenarios.

  • Required test data for population of service request messages.

  • Required user identities and IP-addresses.

  • Configuration of application, transport, and Internet protocols.

  • And many other items.

What does a Performance Test Case Design project deliver?

A Performance Test Case Design project will establish a framework and guidelines for designing and configuring performance test cases that enables comments by reference groups.

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