PSG-A: Get Started on Performance

What are the objectives of "Get Started on Performance"?

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Get started on performance

The performance group PSG-A: Get Started on Performance is our introduction services to system performance and how your products and organization will benefit from focus on performance issues.

The objectives are to highlight the benefits of excellent performance in products.

What services are included in "Get Started on Performance"?

The "Get Started on Performance" group has currently a set of three free performance services:

The three Performance Services in PSG-A.

PSG-A-1: Why spend time and money on performance?

Why spend time and money on performance is our introduction seminar in the "Get Started on Performance" services.

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PSG-A-2. Performance basics.

The Performance Basics training class is the logical second step on performance. The purpose is to get an understanding of fundamental concepts in system performance and performance requirements. It is also an introduction to performance terminology.

Discussions and decision making on all issues concerning system performance will be simpler, more efficient, more focused, and less time consuming after participation in a Performance Basics class.

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PSG-A-3. Proceed with performance.

The Proceed with performance service is a concluding two day meeting in the service group "Get Started on Performance".

The meeting will discuss the impact of a new focus on Performance on current software development routines.

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