MBC Rental-to-License Transition

Why do we provide this service?

The PSG-E-3: Rental-to-License Transition service provides the best MBC performance test tool solution when the duration of a performance test project is hard to predict.

A test tool solution with monthly rental fees that initially looks very cost-effective may become much more costly than expected if the project time was grossly under-estimated.

The Rental-to-License Transition service has therefore emerged as a separate MBC test tool service to help our customers maintain a cost-effective test tool solution if the project time change.

Here we discuss the following frequently asked questions:

When does the service fit?

Here is a couple of solution:

  1. Our Rental-to-License Transition service will guarantee a cost-effective solution if our Test Tool Rental agreement becomes expensive.

  2. For those customers who want to purchase a Test Tool License but can’t wait for purchase approval, the Rental-to-License Transition service will guarantee the possibility to purchase a license later at a very small extra cost compared to a purchase up-front.

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What is included?

A standard Our Rental-to-License Transition service covers:

  • Any MBC test tool configuration.

  • Reinstallation of test tools, if required.

  • Initial Test Tool Training for five participants per test system.

  • Gold support during twelve months.

For short-term performance test activities our Test Tool Rental service is the most cost-effective solution.

Depending on the test tool rental period, the rental alternative may become a less cost-effective solution at some point in time.

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Any reimbursements of rental fees paid?

Yes, it does. A Test Tool Rental agreement has two price components:

  1. The Test Tool Rental fees.

  2. The Gold support fees.

The Rental-to-License Transition services will, depending on the rental period length, deduct 75-90% of the total Test Tool Rental fees (1) paid from Test Tool License fee.

This will make the transition to a license agreement easy and very attractive.

The Gold support fees (2) paid are, however, regarded as a consumed service.

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Is Rental-to-Licensing transition an attractive solution for your performance test tool decision?

Contact us for more information.