PSG-E: Get a Test Tool Deal

What are the objectives of "Get a Test Tool Deal"?

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Get a Test Tool deal.

We have a long history of solving our customer's additional requirements on performance test tool agreements to ensure delivery of top quality products.

The purpose of our performance service group "PSG-E: Get a Test Tool Deal" is to provide the MBC performance test tool on conditions that fits most situations.

What services are included in "Get a Test Tool Deal"?

The "Get a Test Tool Deal" group has currently five types of business agreement services at fixed prices:

The five Performance Services in PSG-E.

Performance test tools are an important part of implementing the performance requirements and to get an understanding of the non-functional behaviour of a software product.
The group "Get a test tool deal" provides our performance test tools on flexible conditions that will fit your business situation.

PSG-E-1: Test Tool Rental

The first agreement type is "Test Tool Rental" as a service.

Read more about Test Tool Rental.

PSG-E-2: Test Tool Licensing

The second agreement type is "Test Tool Licensing" as a service.

Read more about Test Tool Licensing.

PSG-E-3: Rental-to-Licensing Transition

The third agreement type is "Rental-to-Licensing Transition" as a service.

Read more about Rental-to-License Transition.

PSG-E-4: Test Tool Customization

The fourth agreement type is "Test tool customization" as a service.

Read more about Test tool customization.

PSG-E-5: Expedited Delivery

The fifth agreement type is "Expedited Delivery" as a service.

Read more about Expedited Delivery.

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