Get a Test Tool Deal

What is "Get a Test Tool Deal" about?

The purpose of our performance service group "PSG-E: Get a Test Tool Deal" is to provide the MBC performance test tool on conditions that fits most situations.

We have a long history of solving our customer's additional requirements on performance test tool agreements to ensure delivery of top quality products.

The performance service group provides five types of business agreement services for MBC:

PSG-E-1: Test Tool Rental

The first agreement type is "Test Tool Rental" as a service.

Read more about Test Tool Rental.

PSG-E-2: Test Tool Licensing

The second agreement type is "Test Tool Licensing" as a service.

Read more about Test Tool Licensing.

PSG-E-3: Rental-to-Licensing Transition

The third agreement type is "Rental-to-Licensing Transition" as a service.

Read more about Rental-to-License Transition.

PSG-E-4: Test Tool Customization

The fourth agreement type is "Test tool customization" as a service.

Read more about Test tool customization.

PSG-E-5: Expedited Delivery

The fifth agreement type is "Expedited Delivery" as a service.

Read more about Expedited Delivery.

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