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We provide 26 well defined Performance Services built on our long experiences from work on all aspects of performance.

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Performance Service Groups (PSG)

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The performance services are arranged in seven Performance Service Groups (PSG).


The Performance Service Groups cover all aspects of how to get and maintain outstanding performance from ideas to maintenance

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Each Performance Services Groups is focused on one or more project phases.

Read more about the Performance Services Groups below:

  1. PSG-A. Get inspired by performance possibilities.

  2. PSG-B. Get a performance vision and strategy.

  3. PSG-C. Get prepared for the performance challenges.

  4. PSG-D. Get the performance challenges solved.

  5. PSG-E. Get a Test Tool deal.

  6. PSG-F. Get Test Tool Support.

  7. PSG-G. Get Maintenance Support.

Performance Service Packages (PSP)

Individual Performance Services from the Performance Service Groups can be selected into Performance Services Packages (PSP).

The Performance Service Packages below are two examples. There are many more.

New Performance Services and combinations thereof can be provided upon request.

  1. PSP-A. Get a test subscription

  2. PSP-B. Get a performance plan

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