Performance Competence Program

Most IT organizations have specialists for system design, programming, and function testing. When it comes to performance specialists, however, it is far from unusual that the organization has no resources.

Our Performance Competence Services help our customers to get performance competence and a performance organization in place.

What is a Performance Competence Training Program?

Nobody becomes a performance expert by attending some training classes. Building up in-house competence will take time and requires planning, training, and practice with coaching. Our Performance Competence Program is set up in several steps. The program may have variations depending on the role of the attendee.

  1. Specify the performance competence needs. The activity includes the organization and required roles in performance testing.

  2. Set up a plan to achieve required competence including training and practice.

  3. Scheduled training sessions on topics that cover most aspects of performance testing.

  4. Scheduled coached practice

  5. Follow up project review at the end of the Performance Competence Training Program.

What does a Performance Competence Training Program cover?

Our Performance Competence Training Classes cover a long range of topics, such as:

  • Terminology in performance testing

  • Concepts in performance testing

  • Metrics in performance testing

  • Performance testing in development projects

  • Performance testing in system production

  • Running a performance test project

  • Evaluation of performance measurement results

  • Presentation of performance measurement results

  • System design for high performance

  • Performance testing and test automation

  • Evaluation of test tool requirements

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