Test Tool Services

Excellent products are not enough

Most customers have additional requirements when it comes to product contracts, product content, product support, product customization, and more.

We have a long history of solving our customers additional requirements on performance test tools to ensure delivery of top quality products.

We offer three types of test tool services:

  1. Test tool business services.

  2. Test tool support services.

  3. Test tool training services.

Test tool business services

Our Flexible business services provide MBC, our leading-edge performance test tool, on conditions that will fit your situation.

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Test tool support services

Our test tool support services has two targets:

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Test tool support packages

Our test tool support services are provided in two packages:

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Test tool training services

Performance testing is a far more complex task than function testing and consequently this is also the case when specifying a performance test case. The MBC test tool training classes are therefore not only exercises in using another test tool.

Our training classes will also bring the attendees an understanding of performance measurement requirements and how to apply these requirements on the MBC performance test tool.

Attendees of our training classes will therefore be able to produce high quality performance measurements about a test object.

MBC User Training: General information and Training classes

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