Operational Performance Support Services

What is required to secure the implementation of your performance visions?

Our Operational Performance Support Services are based on experience from extensive work on software performance and performance test tools since 1992.

When does Operational Performance Services fit?

Our Operational Performance Services should be considered in a number of situations.

Here are some examples of such situations:

  • Management needs an unbiased review of the test plan.

  • Is the performance test team organized correctly and does the team have the required skills and competence?

  • The performance of a product is important to the future of the organization. Management wants to know if the performance test cases actually cover what is required.

  • Does the intended performance metrics include all performance metrics required to ensure the performance requirements of the product?

  • Can the test bed and the test tools deliver the desired performance measurements?

  • Do the test tools produce performance measurements efficiently?

  • Can the test tools create the correct measurement conditions required to measure the product's critical performance metrics?

  • What kind of conclusions can be drawn from currently produced test results?

  • Can the desired conclusions be drawn from currently produced test results?

  • Can the test results be trusted, i.e. do the performance tests produce measurement data that are reliable?

  • Are the stated performance requirements realistic and in accordance with the product goals?

  • Software development has moved to a new SW delivery concept, such as Continuous Delivery. Do the current performance test efforts cover what is required?

  • There is no unbiased review of the test plan.

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What does Operational Performance Services include?

Operational Performance Services offers support in every step when implementing your organization's performance visions:

  1. Performance review.

  2. Performance test planning.

  3. Performance test methods.

  4. Performance test case design.

  5. Performance testing.

  6. Performance test evaluation and reporting.

Two more Operational Performance Services will be presented shortly!

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